Saturday, December 8, 2007

Richard Thompson

Had to put Richard up here on the site. Went and saw him live last night.... Wow, he is so incredibly talented and passionate. He did an all request performance where people filled out little strips of paper with whatever request they liked. As you can imagine people took this a bit too far. Someone asked him to sing the ABC song. He hung in there and plowed through it all. I couldn't believe his guitar skill. No wonder he is in Rolling Stones the top 20 guitarist list.

Here is one of his most popular songs: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. I really like this link because it looks like he is sitting in his hotel room.

I am including the following link to his recent anti-war song. I do not have the same philosophy about the war but I think the overall tone, feeling and voice of the song supports the individual soldier. It was incredible to hear it in person.

Dad's Gonna Kill Me

Note: Dad= Bagdad, Alibaba = Iraqi people , HumV Frankenstein = Armor Plated HumV

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