Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Laura Chavez Rocks

Okay Kids, it was always our intent to turn you on to new and exciting guitarists. This one is even more fun for me because this is my guitar teacher. She is a true talent and, well I don't have any talent, not a drop. I am Steve Martin sitting on the front porch of the cabin trying to keep time. My friends David and Jeff are also taking lessons. This only proves that Laura can not only rock, she is a patient sole for putting up with old farts who want to grow up and be rock stars.

Laura can be heard playing acoustic with the also incredibly talented Lara Price and is part of The Lara Price Band. Check them out at:
Lara Price Band on MySpace

Laura will also be jamming with the most entertaining:
Candye Kane and The 2008 Blues Caravan on tour in Europe in January and February

Laura Chavez with the Lara Price Band

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Canadian Music said...

So What's She Up to Now?? I see she not playing with the Lara Price band any more? Do You have a Email to get in touch with her I use to trade videos of Blues Artists with her a few years back but lost contact but always kept watch for her on the net..

Can U give her my email address and name??


Joe Renaud
Ontario, Canada



david said...

saw and heard laura on 10 28 09 that girl can play the blues. if you want to see talent go see laura